Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who says that for an anniversary to be important, the number has to be divisible by 5?!?

Hello all! (have you missed me??)

I assure you that I am alive and well... besides being exhausted.  Maybe some of you thought I was never coming back... maybe some of you forgot about me (SHAME on you!) and maybe some of you have been so busy yourselves that you don't even know what I am talking about..haha.  In any case here I am and I am EXCITED about todays post
. So on with it.

The reason I have been MIA since last year (I love how dramatic that sounds even though we are only a month into this year) is that I have been planning a surprise anniversary party.  If you think planning a surprise party is tough, try doing it when you don't even live in the same state you are throwing the party in.  It was a lot of work and delegating work and trusting people to do things that you couldn't do yourself because you aren't there... and THAT was insanity for me.  

Anyway, I started planning this party IN MY HEAD... so long ago.  It started when right after my sister in law planned a party and we were talking about 10, 25, 50 year anniversaries and she is loves to throw these milestone anniversary parties and I said "Who says anniversary parties have to be for the big numbers divisable by 5?.. who says those are the important ones??"   I vowed right then and there that I was going to throw some odd ball number like the 12th anniversary bash! In my mind is was a perfect surprise party.  No one expects anything for their 13th anniversary or 7th for that matter... And it doesn't have to be as fancy and pressuring as a 50th anniversary party... and you're still young enough to party party..hah.  So this year my SIL and her husband were celebrating their 6th anniversary and I set off to throw them a little shindig of their own. 

HERE are some highlights!
The centerpieces, The card box I made, The candy table,
A beautiful cake and treats done by a friend of mine and my SIL

The centerpieces were a collaborative effort between my sister and I.  After scouring Pinterest (which we are both obsessed with) and skimming the ideas of Martha Stuart (because regardless of what you think of her personally... craft wise, she is a genius!)  After all this research we came to 2 conclusions

1.) people use WAY too many flowers and candles.  And while the look is classic.. it's also a tad boring. Also candles are not kid friendly so being this party had almost as many toddlers as adults it wasn't going to work even if I wanted it too.
2.) Their aren't that many ideas for centerpieces out their that a fun unless they are for a kids birthday party.  HELLO people EVERY party can use a little whimsy.  And so we took a little of this and a tad of that with a pinch of that might work and just a dash of fun and came up with something I am QUITE proud of =)
 I found the silver plates at a local good will for $1 each! My sister had the glass jars from one of the many showers she has thrown me.  I found a lovely tutorial for using epsom salt to look like snow on Pinterest (but didn't pin it so I don't have a link sorry)  We cut some branches from my moms Lilac tree in their yard (SORRY DAD) and that was as far as we had gotten the night before the party when I said, "Too bad we can't hang the kisses from the branches."  And my sister said "Why can't we?"  I replied "How?" and she figured it out!!! (dental floss and a needle)  We put a few on each branch and then some on the plates because if you're going to dangle kisses in front of people you better supply some for them to each IMMEDIATELY. haha   I love love LOVE this centerpiece. It has everything you could ask for.  It's playful and theme appropriate but not overkill.  You could adjust it to fit just about any color scheme. It's classy looking yet SO MUCH FUN.. and adding something edible is always a plus.

Did you know that the traditional gift for the 6 year anniversary is CANDY!?
 Only fitting then that we had a Candy Table done it B&W (Their wedding colors)

I ordered the customized bags from Lost Bridge Designs

I was so busy with everything that I didn't get to take pictures of all the other details but I think everyone had a good time and the couple was SO surprised they didn't see this coming at all.  Hope this inspires you to go out and celebrate every anniversary with style ;)

Have a fabulous day!

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