Friday, June 24, 2011

I want my mommy!

 Basically, I was a very independent kid.  I remember my first day of Kindergarten being SO excited and just ready to go.  At the bus stop with my mom and went to stand with the other kids that were waiting as my mom watched with the circle of other parents (from barely a foot away).  When the bus pulled up I rushed to be one of the first to get on it... I don't think I turned to wave bye to my mom until I was already safely seated and the bus was pulling away.  Had a been more observant at that age.. or less excited about my big day ahead, I might have noticed my mother was crying.  When we got off the bus at the school I saw a child being consoled by a teacher as he balled his eyes out. I remember thinking "I wonder what's wrong with him?"  I know now that clearly he was having trouble being away from his parents; a concept I had not been able to grasp.  Not then... maybe still not now.

  Now, I really never have come down with a case of homesickness.  Soon after I graduated I went of vacation with friends for about a month and my lovely hosts had to remind me that I probably should call my parents somewhere around weeks 2 and 3.   Now that I've been married for almost 5 years my husband still finds it necessary to ask (sometimes rightfully so) "when is the last time you talked to your parents?" He seems to talk to his parents every few days which is cool... but that's just not me.  And it's not that I don't adore my parents.  They're probably on the top 10 greatest parents of all time list somewhere I'm sure.  But unless there's some kind of news or special something I think a couple weeks between calls is totally acceptable.  And really by now my parents don't expect nor request more frequency than that.  I've always been fine with distance between us... however now that I've moved this is the most distance there's ever been.  I'm still not getting homesick.  But I miss the short trips every few weeks to go see my mom.  We've gone from a less than an hour car trip to an over and hour plane ride away.   It's the first time in my life I can think of that I've really dwelled on the distance.  Maybe it's because it's the first time that such a distance has been permanent.  Mind you,  It's not enough to make me regret moving... or to make me call her everyday.  I still have to live my life the way that I think is best... but it's enough to make me miss her.  And surely enough to make me SUPER excited that she is coming to visit TOMORROW!!!!

Me and my Mom! 
 She's going to come help me whip this place into some sort of livable shape and help with my little monkedoos while I try and get some work done.  She's going to be here for at least a couple of weeks =)  So hopefully I can get on a livable schedule and in a livable space!  I'm so grateful to have a mom who would volunteer to come and share our small space where she won't even have a room of her own to do this for me.  I told you she was top 10 material ;)

My mom is the most awesome mother I know. Everything that comes to mind when you think of that word Mom...she's that!  I strive to be her every day that I am figuring out this thing called motherhood. She's not perfect of course no one is but I wouldn't trade her for anyone else.  See you tomorrow mom!

Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chalk it up to summer

Blow the whistle it's summer!  It's been great weather and we've been doing lots of outtings and swimming and everything already but there is just something about it being officially on the calendar that it is summer that just makes it better.  My kids don't even seem to notice how unbearably hot it is getting outside and are constantly begging to be let loose out there.  And while I love sports and games of tag there are some days I just can't keep it up without fear of fainting so here is a great outdoor activity full of fun but light on the sweat! SIDEWALK CHALK...wait for it....

PAINT! For those of you who haven't heard of it you're in for a treat and the best part you can MAKE IT!... easy, quick, and you probably already have everything you need.  Water.. (check)... corn starch.....(look way in the back there...CHECK) food coloring... any colors will do....ok so maybe you're out... oh wait (CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!).  That's it!  And of course a mixing bowl...cups for seperate colors...spoons for mixing... and eventually some paint brushes for when you're all set to paint.

Here's how I do mine.  Equal parts water and corn starch.  I usually do about a cup of each.  But you can make as much or as little as you need depending on # of kids and # of colors you want to make.  Then I just eye ball the colors mixing in a little of this or that or what have you.  I use the gel food coloring which makes good bright colors but any food coloring you have on hand should work great.  Make up as many different batches as you like grab some paintbrushes and head outside!

This little trick keeps my little ones occupied for at least an hour.  If I mix up lots and give them one set of colors and then wait and give them another set of different colors I can stretch it out even longer. They're both more of abstract artists so more colors means more interesting splatters and puddles!

Have a Fabulous (summer) Day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome back life.

So It was pretty dumb of me to start all this up right before a big move... in my defense at the time I didn't really KNOW we were going to end up moving.  Anyway, I am now getting settled in to my new home and lifestyle in the south.  I've been eating like a southerner my whole life! HAHA so that part won't take any getting use to.  Of course by those standards I could also easily move to Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico and probably a dozen other places because let's face it folks I like to eat.  Which made swimsuit shopping a little painful last week but we'll save that chat for perhaps another day.

SO as I was saying I had all these new ventures into the works and this was one of them and needless to say they've been neglected the past couple months. But as I'm slowly getting my sanity back and getting things organized I'm ready to get back on track with everything.  So this was just a little note to say I'm still here!.. and hopefully you're sticking around as well =)

Have a fabulous day!