Friday, October 14, 2011

Bananas about Apples

I know most people are pumpkin crazy this time of year. And while even I picked up some pumpkin spice coffee the other day my hear belongs to another farmers market find this time of year... APPLES! There is just something to be said for a good apple. It's a perfect snack any time of day. I am all about apple pie and pork chops and apples for dinner always hits the spot.  One thing I have never been too found of. Apple sauce.. or at least not the kind found at the local grocery store.  While my husband and kids can go through a jar every few days, I rarely partake.

But home made applesauce?... well that's a horse of a different color!

This is the basic applesauce recipe. I have made a few changes for personal preference.  This time I used Gala apples but I want to do a batch of honeycrisps next.  Also, I like to use cane sugar as apposed to white sugar.. no real reason I'm just a big fan of can sugar... ok a HUGE fan.  Experiment with different apples and different numbers of apples to find your perfect sauce.  Oh and we add quite a bit of cinnamon in this house ;)

After I cook the apples I change them over to a cool pot or bowl and pass it over to my pro-masher

He was happily mashing away when someone else wanted in on the fun.

They worked up quite an appetite.  The little chefs paired it with peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

I may have to invest in a bushel or 2 of apples because they may never eat the canned stuff again! And neither will you ;)  If you try it let me know what tweaks you make and how you like it.

Have a fabulous day.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's just BOKEH

Ok so first off..... Notice some changes around here? I've been DYING to change the look of this blog for a while so finally I started making some changes! what do you think?? 

Ok so it's another Thursday! Photo-Challenge time!

It's never too late to join the fun!

SO last week was ORANGE. And if you hadn't noticed I didn't post a picture because apparently there is pretty much nothing Orange in my house! I was so busy that I didn't even have time to run out and pick up a pumpkin or SOMETHING... So I tried really hard to figure something out and then well NOTHING.  I'm going to stop  making excuses and just move on to this week...

BOKEH... which means BLUR... in case you didn't know ;)

This was the view outside of our hotel when we went to the beach..only at night.
I wish we would have been a tad bit closer to the pier so I could have had a lot more lights and blurry dots...BOKEH.

It is more commonly referred to when you have a close up subject in crisp focus and the rest of the picture is out of focus. This was hard to achieve with my P&S.. but here is a pic I took a while ago. One of my favorites of her...

I absolutely ADORE this picture.. the moment I took it I knew it was GOLD! haha But if not for the BOKEH one might actually look at the UGLY background and not the BEAUTIFUL little girl...  

have a fabulous day!