Friday, September 30, 2011

September's love letter

This being the last day of September it was a NOW or NEVER post decision. I'd been so busy last week that I didn't get to share my favorite day of the year with you. September 24th... AKA The hubs and I's wedding anniversary.
The Card I made him this year.  

But that's not the only reason it's such a SPECIAL day!

Fall in general has a special place in my heart.  Besides it being just plain beautiful with all the leaves changing color and falling all over the yard like mother nature's confetti... it's just provided many special moments in my life.  My husband and I met in the fall...we got engaged in the fall...we got married in the fall.. we brought home our first child in the fall.  Lots of little Autumn blessings! Even before that I always just liked this time of year.  Chalk it up to cool breezes, sweaters, and football I guess.  

But September 24th... that's just a story all it's own.  As previously mentioned it's the day we got married. THE ONLY day (And we checked for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in September, October, and I think even November!) that was available in any place that I could bare to have a reception.  Our son was born in the beginning of September but due to some issues stayed at the hospital for a few weeks... and while we spent our anniversary in the hospital we got news we'd be bringing him home in just a couple more days!  And Finally... our lovely 2nd child.  Because of the complications with our son I was scheduled for ultrasounds every 3 WEEKS for my pregnancy with the 2nd.  And the had to be timed perfectly. So when it came time for the one where they could tell me the sex of the baby they only day they had available in the time frame I needed was... yup Sept 24th! So that was the day we found out we were going to have a beautiful daughter.  

Our Anniversary is the most special, perfect day ever... we don't just celebrate being a couple we celebrate being a family!

The inside of the card (before I wrote over EVERY INCH of it!)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Hands, Big Smile!

Well it's Week 10..
see I told you I could do keep this up! haha

As soon as I read this week's subject: HANDS
I knew what I wanted to do! I wanted to capture the beautiful sight that has been pulling at my heart strings for weeks now.  Every meal time before we eat we say a prayer.  I say one with the kids for breakfast and lunch and then the hubs does the one for dinner.  We taught the kids to bow their heads.  At some point my son became obsessed with me holding his hand during the prayer... he would not bow his head until my hand was in his.  So it became automatic for me to no matter where at the table I was find his hand.  Well one week I said "amen" lifted my head and....

Yup that's my son's hand holding his little sister's hand.  It was just the sweetest thing I've ever witnessed.  No one asked him told him to... and I don't remember hearing either child request it. (I had them stay holding hands so I could snap this quickly before they ate their lunch. So it's not the best picture but still is sweet isn't it?)

Next week is ORANGE and I haven't the foggiest idea... yet.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 9.... yup.

OK so it's week 9 and the theme...MESS.  Yes this one could have taken so many turns.. my craft supply, the book shelf, a bedroom, pretty much ANY closet in this place... but I'll admit I just couldn't bring myself to show you any of these places.  And if I did my mother would drive the 10 hours to KILL me and then clean up the house a bit LOL.  So I was at a loss. Should a make it less messy?.. organize the chaos a little and then take the picture?.. cheating right??

And just when I was getting anxiety I was saved by 2 words...  Spaghetti night!

She makes that big mess look so cute right?
We just strip her down to her diapers because could you imagine what the outfit would look like?!

Remember it's never too late to join the fun!

Have a fabulous day.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I know.... I KNOW!...don't hate me

OK so I. m. HORRIBLE! I have not been keeping up with you AT ALL. and really there is no excuse except that my to do list is about a mile long and blogging is on it I SWEAR but it's a little low on the list and I just never make it that today I moved it up! Which is why I am blogging so early HAHA. And I have to be honest I'm a little surprised my brain is functioning well enough to do this (oh i hope i don't read this later and think.."YEAH RIGHT! you sound stupid") Ok so you know how I was all excited about that photo challenge and was all "I'm gonna keep up with it" and then i..well..DIDN'T! GRRR so anyway the best thing about that is it's still going on and I can still hop back in there so today I AM and just in time for my favorite...

It's never too late to join the fun!
details here!


I love black and white pictures...they bring the drama right? It's also a good way to take a picture that in color may be not so perfect and save it. These 2 shots where both taken in not the greatest lighting.  The thing I liked best about this week was that I didn't have to think too much about what I was shooting I could just snap away and later decide what I wanted to make black and white. Of course then I couldn't decide but narrowed it down to 2.

We were in the car and she was playing peek-a-boo with daddy's hat.

Lil Man ATTACKED by daddy AKA the kissing MONSTER.

I'm sure you can see why I couldn't decide between these two! Which one do you like best in B&W? Leave a comment and let me know!