Tuesday, April 10, 2012


First of all I have to tell you that today's title is in honor of a fun and wonderful song that i found thanks to iHeartRadio.  It's by a guy named Justin Roberts and after hearing it I immediately became obessed with it and sang it all day long!  Thanks to my Imagination Movers loving kids who make me listen to the Calling all Movers station I made for them every day... and this song popped in there. =)

Anywhooo.... I CHALK...
I most certainly do.  Nothing brings back wonderful childhood memories for me quite like a nice sunny day an empty cement or blacktop driveway and a bucket of new sidewalk chalk.  My children and I have since switched to homemade sidewalk paint... which let me tell you IS AWESOME! and I'm disappointed that my mom never made any but she did buy plenty of sidewalk chalk every summer so I can't be too upset.  We also had a GIANT chalkboard in the game room growing up which was used for many games and playing classroom.. where I was always the teacher so I could write my name in HUGE capitol letters on the chalkboard and then proceed to write pretty much every word I said that I could spell.  It's safe to say that chalk and I have had some good times INDEED! And while I still enjoy a nice day outside decorating our slab of cement out back I have been wanting a little board inside for ages.
So naturally, when I saw a pin on pinterest proclaiming that I could take any color paint and turn it into chalkboard paint I was SUPER excited and had to try it out IMMEDIATELY.  I went out and bought the unsanded grout, sand paper and 2 mixed paint samples.  I was a little skeptical that it would really turn out quite the way I wanted so I started with a mini project that I will share with you today.

Please excuse the photos I was so excited to start the project I couldn't wait to charge my camera!
These are from my phone!

I found these cute little bins at my local Jo-Anne Fabrics store.  I had a coupon that day so they came to around $5 each.  I thought they'd be great to store some of the kids toys that have been rather unruly lately. But I of course wanted to spruce them up a bit.

I started with my samples which were about one cup so I mixed the unsanded grout right in.  2TBSP per cup of paint.  It says it's best to mix one cup at a time.  The paint will look sort of chunky but it's fine.  The most important step is to sand between each coat.  I did 1 base coat of paint and then 3 coast of the chalkboard paint.  I am impatient and had limited time to do this since I did it during my kids nap time so I used a blow dryer to speed up the drying process! Paint, blow dry, lightly sand..wipe off dust.  X3! I painted each new coat in the opposite direction of the previous.  After the final coat dries lightly sand and then condition.  Rub a piece of chalk over the surface and then wipe away with a lightly damp cloth.

Stand back and admire your work.... or draw something!

I loved how it came out.... so I planned another project for the other color paint I bought...which I will share with you soon!

Have a fabulous day =)

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