Monday, April 25, 2011

Sometimes it's Ok to be a follower!

"Don't be a follower be a leader!" My dad would constantly say this to me as a child sometimes as a correction for a poor decision I made join in on what seemed to me the coolest thing I had ever seen... without factoring in dangers or consequences of any sort. (cue image of me flying down the steep hilled street in my brothers too big for me roller skates) But most of the time he just said it as a passing reminder.  I remember at the time thinking being a follower didn't sound so bad to me if it meant that I got to take part in some awesome activities that where going on around me (cue skating image again).  For a long time I missed the point.  See he wasn't saying don't take part in things... that would be absurd.. what would happen to religions and organizations and sports teams if we all had that mentality right?  So, what is the point?? The point is to think about it and had good valid reasons and beliefs in what you're doing.  Don't do things just to seem cool or fit in.  Do them because you have a passion and an understanding.  If you're going to be a follower or a joiner do it with such a conviction that you draw others to you and maybe make them followers too because they catch the fever! I learned that lesson in my own time but now I live it everday. Thanks dad... but i'd still totally do that skating thing again!

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Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome to the Hauteline!

Hello fellow haute mommy's!

    I am very excited to be starting my new blog... yes I know I'm a little late to showing up on the blogosphere but the truth is I've tried the whole blogging thing in the past and just couldn't keep up with it because the ideas weren't flowing.... I didn't have a focus or a passion or a life for that matter.  Now that I have those things (Most of them are 100% related to motherhood) I also have the blog!

  So first off there are some things that you should know right off the bat.
-I'm by no means an "expert" on anything
-I tend to make up words. You remember learning about context clues back in your elementary school days?... they're going to come in handy!
-I'm addicted to ellipses...
-I watch too much reality TV including but not limited to the real housewives of ANYWHERE and any show where celebrities compete for ANYTHING.
-I hate laundry so much I've considered moving to a nudist colony to avoid it... then I took a good look in the mirror! HA!
-I don't just LOVE being a mom I LIVE being a mom.

Now about what this Blog will contain and why you'll want to keep up with it:

Haute: adj. fashionably elegant or high-class. Sound like you? GOOD you're in the right place! But here's the thing I'm not trying to keep up with the Joneses here. First off, I couldn't afford it if I wanted too and secondly, then I'd just look like one of  Joneses and not like me. Then there is the mommy rule that if you have lil ones it's better to not have nice things for them to break! And while I am a FIRM believer in that as a mom, the woman in me still wants some pretty and elegant things.   I want my house to look like a home not a daycare and I want to look like... well.. like I use to look... or at least not so far from it!  I'm trying to figure out how to be a mom and still be me and I'm inviting you along for support and sanity's sake.  But hopefully I'll have some fun and fabulous things for you too. I'm going to talk about awesome OOAK finds and do it yourself projects and fun crafts and all the things that I love and I hope you'll love too.  SO please join me not just in reading my blog but leaving comments  as well.  Let me know what things are catching your attention and what you liked and what more of.  Let me know what's on your minds because I'll be letting you know what's on mine.  Enjoy!

Have a fabulous day!