Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome back life.

So It was pretty dumb of me to start all this up right before a big move... in my defense at the time I didn't really KNOW we were going to end up moving.  Anyway, I am now getting settled in to my new home and lifestyle in the south.  I've been eating like a southerner my whole life! HAHA so that part won't take any getting use to.  Of course by those standards I could also easily move to Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico and probably a dozen other places because let's face it folks I like to eat.  Which made swimsuit shopping a little painful last week but we'll save that chat for perhaps another day.

SO as I was saying I had all these new ventures into the works and this was one of them and needless to say they've been neglected the past couple months. But as I'm slowly getting my sanity back and getting things organized I'm ready to get back on track with everything.  So this was just a little note to say I'm still here!.. and hopefully you're sticking around as well =)

Have a fabulous day!

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