Friday, July 22, 2011

Landing on my business

I've got a new FB fan page for my business and I've made a brand new cool landing page for it.

My first time ever doing one of these.  I bookmarked how to do it ages ago and finally took some time to try it. Thanks to Melissa Love Design for the awesome easy to follow tutorial! I did this one kind of rushed and I like it but I may try out some others when I have some child free time. The best part is you can make it so that when they click on it they go to your website! nice right??? I wanted to have a pretty descent landing page because I just joined this Facebook Follow Friday  hosted by Shining 2 Save. You add your Fb page to their list and everyone goes visiting and liking each others pages.  AWESOME IDEA right? Great way for everyone to get more fans and their name out there. VERY EXCITING I've gotten some new fans already =) Just wanted to share.

Have a Fabulous day!

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